At Secure Beginnings we provide relationship-based learning and reflexive mentoring for early childhood educators, teachers, professionals and organisations working in the early childhood field.

Dr. Robyn Dolby, Eilish Hughes and Belinda Friezer are a team of psychologists and psychotherapists who have worked together for over 20 years to bridge the gap between research and practice within early childhood.

Throughout our research we have had the privilege of sitting with educators and teachers in their rooms and playgrounds, sharing their world with the children.  We are continuously struck by how the children readily and creatively communicate what is important to them when the adult is able to be present and accepting.   We believe it is a vital part of development for a child to experience an attuned observer of their triumphs and sorrows.

Sitting together has given us a unique ‘on the ground perspective’ from which to mentor and build our learning practices.  We video what happens day-to-day and reflect with educators and families on what we see.  This has taught us a great deal about the ‘how to’ of giving children a secure base.  Most of all, we have learnt that children appreciate us being still and thinking about them.  Being still and in the present moment is when the magic of connection can flourish.  Then children are on a sure pathway to learning and playing.

Our professional learning uses video to offer educators and teachers a reflective space in which to explore the relationship they have with the children.  This supports them to gain insight into the emotional processes of young children, seeing how they negotiate closeness with the adults and peers who share their lives on a daily basis.  We work from ‘relationships to learning’.  This emphasis can be found in all of what we offer: Playspace® Learning, Baby Playspaces®, one day workshops and reflexive mentoring.

Secure Beginnings is based upon the philosophy of investing in stillness. Out of this stillness comes shared experiences, shared understandings.